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Colchuck exists to reflect light into the world through inspired and fruitful investments that improve lives.

Colchuck is focused on investments that align with our Values of Faith, Wisdom, Connection, Generosity and Beauty. Practically, this causes us to seek deals with returns that transcend MOIC and IRR. We seek to allocate our knowledge, network and financial capital in ways that make human lives richer and purposeful.

Colchuck’s future will be centered on creating impact at scale. We will be sought after not just for our capital, but for the wisdom and added value we bring to our partners. We will be creative in expanding our knowledge and reach through strategic partnerships with other investors whose values align with our own. Most important, Colchuck will be known for the light it reflects into the world.

Colchuck History: About

In 2011, Tim Jenkins stepped away from his CEO role at the management consulting firm he co-founded in 1995. Though he appreciated the break from the pressures of leading a national professional firm, Tim confronted a new challenge: how to allocate his newfound time and resources in ways that made a positive difference in people’s lives.

Tim explored several non-profit opportunities and quickly discovered he missed the excitement and efficiency of the marketplace. Having no interest in rejoining the corporate world, he shifted his attention to helping to grow businesses through advisory services and financial investment. Learning rapidly from more seasoned investment partners (as well as his own mistakes), Tim began to build a real estate portfolio. His work with real estate led to the development of a private credit arm.

As the breadth and complexity of Tim’s ventures increased, he formed Colchuck in 2015 to unify operations and establish a market presence. Colchuck has continued to expand its real estate holdings in the years since, while also adding several private equity stakes and becoming an active venture investor. During this time, Colchuck added staff who helped refine its internal operations and systems and built its due diligence capability.